The Nature and Nurture of Color

At Studio Passepartout, each product is handcrafted with a vision towards longevity and quality, and each unique piece pursues a responsible journey from our hands to yours. Our watercolors are artist grade and hand-mulled with love right here in the United Arab Emirates.

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Indulge in the sweetest pastel delights as we unveil our enchanting ‘French Florals’ collection. Inspired by the charm of a quaint French bakery, picture a sea glass-colored bicycle adorning the curb, its basket overflowing with vibrant spring blossoms. Let your creativity bloom with delicate pinks, soft lavenders, and gentle greens, as you paint the essence of a French spring.


Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning your artistic journey, ‘French Florals’ will add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your canvas. Join us in savoring the beauty of pastels and the enchantment of France – where every stroke of your brush becomes a work of art, straight from the heart of a little pink French bakery.”

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About Handmade Watercolors

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Unlike many store bought watercolors, our watercolors contain only pigment and binder – NO extra fillers, NO other faff! They contain pigments sourced from various ethical & passionate suppliers around the world. The binder, which brings it all together, is a secret recipe made from locally sourced materials like gum arabic & natural oils.

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Our watercolors contain pigments sourced from various ethical & passionate suppliers around the world. We do not use honey in our products as we believe it isn’t essential and helps us keep our products vegan.

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From 3D Printed bioplastic half-pans to packaging tissue that is made from FSC-certifiedrecycled paper and is fully home-compostable, we don’t shy from doing what’s best for the people and this planet. Check our Instagram to learn more about our half-pan recycling programs!