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The Nature and Nurture of Color

At Studio Passepartout, each product is handcrafted with a vision towards longevity and quality, and each unique piece pursues a responsible journey from our hands to yours. Our watercolors are artist grade and hand-mulled with love right here in the United Arab Emirates.

ceramic painting

For most part, our watercolors contain pigment that is sourced from various passionate suppliers around the world . Next, a binder is added which is a secret concoction we’ve achieved through a lot of experimentation using local products such as Gum Arabic, Glycerine & natural oils. We do not use honey in our products as we believe it isn’t essential and helps us keep our products vegan.

The colors cure differently – smooth; sticky; matte; firm; and some even dry with cracks. These are just personality traits peeking through primarily due to weather conditions or pigment properties and, by no means, affect their ability to re-wet.


Unlike many store bought watercolors, our watercolors contain only pigment and binder, no extra fillers and faff. We spend a lot of time and effort developing each color that we believe would be a fantastic addition to every artist’s palette. Each half pan is then hand poured carefully in multiple layers over a period of 2 weeks.

All our pigments are non-toxic and hold an excellent light fastness rating from our suppliers. Most also come with a color index code unless specified otherwise.

watercolour painting

For packaging, we’ve teamed up with local partners and global companies like @noissue that reflect our vision. Each product is carefully made, protected & shipped to you directly from Dubai, UAE.


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