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leaf painting


AED 120.00
When you're a hermit artist who likes to paint indoors and all your best friends are plants, we got you covered!

Full Circle

AED 120.00
A classic (im)perfect circle. Yup, the one no one can draw. So we made a realistic one to drive the OCD's nuts!


AED 120.00
The jewel of the Alps is our mountain inspiration for this palette.


AED 120.00
Perfect for your creative rituals and soulful paintings.

Save the Bees

AED 120.00
Beecause who doesn't love bees?

Sail Away

AED 120.00
Got some time off you’re adventures? Sit back, relax and paint what you see.

Spring Leaf

AED 120.00
For all the floral artists and tree-huggers.


AED 120.00
Clearly by now you know we're obsessed with the sea. This palette is inspired by the Nautilus, the oldest creatures known to survive in the oceans, and what we think is one of the coolest.

Tritons Trumpet

AED 120.00
Also known as stairecase shells, they're the perfect companions and inpriration for painting on the beach!


AED 120.00
Whale, hello there! This palette is my homage to the gentle giants of the ocean and one of our bestsellers.